• Heavy Fabrication, General Fabrication
  •  Motor Stool, Duplex Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Column Pipe, Pump Base
  • Various Type Of Draft Tubes, Spiral Casing Guide Vane Assembly
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Mateen Fabricators

Mateen Fabricators was established on 26 January 1983 by Late Shri H. D. Mangoli ( 1.2.1943 - 6.6.2020 ) was qualified in Diploma mechanical engineering was striving to work hard & fulfill commitment of customer requirements with continuous improvement in business needs and was able to create a world-class facility capable of supplying Heavy Fabricated Components Promoted us as a team of highly experienced and young dynamic entrepreneurs with decades our business. The products manufactured by us meet the highest quality. standards and have been guided by a policy that composes the vision to be the best in our value system and business ethics. In a short span of years. Our products and services have been well received by customers, whose list grows constantly. With a young skilled and talented workforce of work, the company has taken great strides in establishing itself as a premier manufacturer of heavy fabricated components. Our firm is currently run by Mr. Mateen H. Mangoli who is qualified Bachelor in mechanical engineering

Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter Of Heavy Fabrications, General Fabrications, Sugar Machinery, Manufacturer Of Heavy Fabricated Components, Dia Discharge Pump Assembly, Motor Stools, Duplex Stainless Steel (SS) Bowls, Column Pipes, Stainless Steel (SS) Pump Bases, Discharge Head, Pressure Vessels / Separators, Process Equipments, Self Designed Crankshaft Washing Machines, Washing Machines, SPMs Base Frames, Various Type Of Draft Tubes, Spiral Casing Guide Vane Assembly, Small Spiral Casing For Hydro Power Projects, Medium and Heavy Spiral Casing Assembly, Discharge Elbows, Pipe Casing, Pump Base Discharge Heads, Discharge Elbows, Head 1600 mm Dia (Diameter) 10 MT Weight, Discharge Heads 1600 mm Dia (Diameter) 10 MT Weight, Spiral Casing, Barrels, Mounting Plates, Nozzle Heads, API (American Petroleum Institute) Standard Pump Components, Bi Metallic Disc Heads, TRPF (Toothed Roller Pressure Feeder) Rollers, Pelton Turbine Casings, Butterfly Valve Body and Discs, In House Machining Facility, Export Vertical Pumps, Draft Tube Type, In-House Blasting Facility and On-Site Works and our setup situated at Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

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Heavy Metal Fabrication vs. Light Metal Fabrication : Heavy Metal Fabrication and Light Metal Fabrication represent distinct sectors in metalworking, each serving unique industry needs.
Heavy Metal Fabrication involves manufacturing larger, weightier components typically used in sectors like construction, mining, and aerospace. This process requires the capabilities of heavy metal fabrication companies equipped to work with hefty materials and large-scale parts. Heavy sheet metal fabrication, a subset of this, deals with cutting, bending, and assembling sheet metal for heavy-duty equipment and structures.
On the other hand, Light Metal Fabrication focuses on producing smaller components from thin metal sheets, often used in the electronics and appliance industries. This process requires precision and accuracy.

General Fabricating Services : General fabricating services cover a wide range of operations designed to transform raw metal materials into finished products. These services include processes such as cutting, bending, and assembling, which is key to both sheet metal & general fabrication. The end products are tailored to meet various industry needs, from construction to electronics. General metal fabrication and assembly ensure precision, quality, and durability in the final output, offering solutions for projects of various scales and complexities. Therefore, choosing a reputable provider of general fabricating services guarantees superior quality, cost-effectiveness, and timely delivery.